Back to Hack: Lightning Talk #5: ChaosMap

Ich stelle euch am morgigen Dienstag um 20 Uhr das Tool ChaosMap vor.

Chaosmap is an information gathering tool and dns / whois / web server scanner. It can be used to lookup DNS names with a dictionary with or without using a salt. Salting for DNS means it will append numbers from 1-9 to the name in the dictionary with or without a – and _ or a leading 0. Salting for Web stuff will try double slashes and some directory traversal tricks. You can do reverse dns lookups of a whole ip range (with optional whois lookup) or make a dictionary scan for hidden paths on one webserver or a range of ip addresses. Optionally you can encode the path with url encoding and with google dict lookup mode chaosmap will first try to find the path on Google and only query the webserver if google has no search result. Last but not least it can be used to extract email addresses from domains using a Google search or perform a list of Google Hacking queries on your domain.

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